Gravity Shadow

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This Is My Idea Of What Gravity Is.


Dennis M. Louis

Gravity what is it?


Gravity is spherical pressure push, not an attractive pull. 

Think of it as an air tank with a marble hanging in it and air pressure pushing on it. Now hang another marble a couple inches away from the first in the tank. The air is pushing equality on both marbles and nothing moves. This is where gravity differs in the space between the two marbles is a gravity shadow causing gravity to push the two marbles towards each other.   

Gravity holds a galaxy together but it only work on an atomic level this means that every atom in a galaxy is being push towards the center of galaxy also at the same time towards every other atom.  

Gravity also corrals the electron in orbit around nucleus of an atom and the particles in the nucleus. The force that holds the atom together is extremely powerful it is measured in many many many many tons per square millimeter on the order of the pressure at the surface of a black hole.  This means Large Hadron Collider is working against gravity holding the atom together.

Every object in the universe be it a galaxy, black hole, sun, planet, moon, molecule and atom creates a gravity shadow.   A gravity shadow is created by the atoms of an object, and are combined to create a shadow for that object for example on earth our weight is the amount of gravity pushing down and the different of the gravity that has come through the earth and pushing up even though the actual force is many tons.   

Gravity is a very strong force. It controls the speed of light.
The gravity is the same all over the universe. The strongest known place to observe gravity is a black hole, and that pressure is the same through out the universe.

The atoms are so dense in a black hole because the gravity is so strong that an atom instead of being a sphere it is flatten to two dimension circle the nucleus would be a flat disk and the electrons would be racing around a racetrack.   

Traveling faster than speed of light is impossible because as you get closer to the speed of light you have less gravity on the rear of the space craft and you have to push against the full pressure gravity that you would have on the surface of a black hole. This causes the spaceship in become shorter because the atoms are flatting.     

Gravity created by the big bang

Our universe started out as pure energy with no volume. The energy was in total harmony and did not create any pressure.    Then something happens to disrupt this energy and gravity was created causing the Big Bang and all hell broke loose. The gravity first blasted the energy apart then gravity started to convert energy into subatomic particles that created matter.  This is why the universe is expanding and the universe will continue to expand until the gravity pressure is reduced to a point that the atoms will covert back to energy and the universe will cease to exist.   

I do not have any proof.  I did not finish calculus in collage. I will be glad to post any proof under your name that anyone want to summit for review.

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